What Is Domain Flipping? How to Make Money by Flipping Domain Names

Today we are Talking about domain name flipping. we are talking all about domain name flipping and we are talked about how to make money by flipping domain names so lets get started.

What is Domain Flipping.

so first we talked about what is domain flipping. domain flipping is related to register a domain name.you have update with the internet and you will find a high quality domain name if you will find high quality domain name. Thats perfect then you will parked the high quality domain and you will talk with company manager which domain name you will parked and if company will be intersted to buy your domain you will earn money by domain selling.


my company is ricky4you. and i dont have parked our company domain name. if you will find my company and you will parked my domain name and i will talked with you to purchase a domain name and you will sell me a domain name in high price. This is a domain flipping.

Selling a Domain or Domain Flipping.

so now we have talked if you will not find any company and you will intersted in domain flipping. then how to will make money by domain flipping. many of websites are special make for domain flipping. these website have a simpley process you will go on these websites and you will register on these website and you can find both buyer and sellers on these websites if you are seller you will find many buyers on these website who will intersted to buy your domain name but these is a mandatory you will parked a high quality domain name.

Websites for Domain flipping



Flippa is a huge market palce. where many of peoples are selling Domain name and he will earn huge profit by domain flipping. if you are intersted in domain flipping you will make sure to signup on these 4 websites and starting make money online by domain flipping


Watch full vedio for more information but vedio in hindi…


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