How to Become Successful On Youtube! And Start A Good Channel

hey guys many people are strulling on youtube. and they are need help to grow youtube channel. in this artical i am telling you How to Become Successful On Youtube and start getting views and subscribers. if you are become a Successful On Youtube you will need something extra and something different on youtube. simple videos are make many of creators but you will done a something extra and something unique.when i will start my channel on youtube. i am really very discourage because no one watch my videos and no one subscribe my channel. Then i will do a different on youtube and many of peoples are watching my videos and now i will got 9k Subscribers and over 400k views on my youtube channel. my youtube channel name is RICKY 4 YOU. and now my channels and videos both are ranked on youtube and today i am shared a something experience with you

Topic is a most important part of youtube channel. if you are choose a wrong topic when your videos and your channels are not getting in search and you will not getting a views and subscribers. firstly you will need to choose a best topic for your youtube channel and those topic will be unique and best for those who watched a video on youtube and you video will be provide a value of viewers and the viewers are leave a like and comment and they are share your video.


channel name is a most important for your channel, if you are choose a wrong channel name youtube will be never promote your channel if your channel is related in technology. your channel name is also related on technology and you will share your channel on social media and you will use your channel tags on your youtube videos. That your channel are ranked on youtube.


channel setup is a most important to grow on youtube. your channel setup will be attract your viewers and your viewers are subscribe you and you will grow on youtube. your channel logo and your channel art is a most important for your channel your channel name,logo,channel art will be attract your viewer and your viewers are help you to grow on youtube.


Quality Content is a very important after setting your channel name logo and channel art and after setup your channel now this is very important you will provide a quality content on your viewer if you will provide a quality content your viewers will be gain your watchtime and youtube will be rank your videos on youtube and you will get subscribers and views


this is very important you will set a timetable of your youtube channel i mean you will upload a daily video or one video in a week or two videos in a week. because your viewers are waiting for your video and they are wait to watch your video.this is the only factor which will connect your existing Subscribers to your channel. if you will stop uploading videos you will loose your Subscriber count and this will led your channel down and your revenue loss.


so friend i hope you will enjoy this artical. This will be help you in to Become Successful On Youtube And Start A Good Channel.

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  • August 24, 2017 at 11:25 pm

    very nice article. keep the good work up. thanks for sharing these wonderful tips


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